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Kristy L. Deiner


Ecology Graduate Group
Department of Animal Science
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Ecology, UC Davis (expected 2011).
M.S., Biology, Sonoma State University, 2004.
B.S., Evolution and Ecology, Sonoma State University, 2001.


Population genetics of food webs in alpine lakes - Overall, I am investigating what role trophic interactions play in determining population genetic patterns of species across space and time.


E. P. Dahlhoff, S.L. Fearnley, D. A. Bruce, A. G. Gibbs, R. Stoneking, D.M. McMillan, K. Deiner, J. T. Smiley, N. E. Rank. In press. Effects of temperature on physiology and reproductive success of a montane leaf beetle: implications for persistence of native populations enduring climate change. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.

Dumbacher, J.P., K. Deiner, L. Thompson, R.C. Fleischer. In review. Phylogeny of the avian genus Pitohui with special attention to the core Pachycephalidae. Molecular phylogenetics and Evolution.

Deiner, K. L., Garza, J. C., Coey, R., Girman, D. J. 2007. The effect of landscape features on the genetic structure of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the Russian River Watershed. Conservation Genetics 8(2), pp 437-454. (pdf)

Deiner, K.L., Mack A., Fleischer R.C., Dumbacher, J.P.  Are phylogeographic hypotheses mutually exclusive? Anecdote from a New Guinean passerine bird. In prep for Molecular Ecology.

Professional Memberships

Society for Conservation Biology

American Fisheries Society

American Genetics Association

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society