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The Genomic Variation Laboratory (GVL) employs a wide range of molecular genetic techniques to address questions in the conservation genetics of threatened and endangered wildlife, fisheries management, and aquaculture. Much of our work is done in collaboration with individuals and organizations without the ability to gather molecular genetic data. We welcome inquiries about potential collaborative or contractual projects.


Current research involves the study of native California species as well as other aquatics.  Ongoing questions include:  detecting hybridization between introduced non-native and threatened trout, population structure and reproductive contribution of sturgeon, population structure of Sacramento perch and splittail, population structure of endangered Shasta crayfish, reproduction of the Pacific lion-paw scallop, elucidating species of invasive jellyfish, and determination of genes conferring resistance to whirling disease in trout.


Past research has included assessing dispersal among yellow-bellied marmots, population structure of endangered lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes, examining the distribution of genetic diversity within Kearney’s bluestar, evaluating subspecific status of Northern goshawks, elucidating the geographic boundaries of breeding populations and movement patterns of blue whales, and population structure of migratory catfish in southeast Asia.


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